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People who host on are also embracing the site as lifestyle choice. Many people love hosting as it allows them to meet wonderful people from all over the US and the world. The extra income makes a huge difference, and for those who host frequently, becoming a top quality host is a real goal.

Hosting does involve a lot of responsibility, obviously, as most homes aren’t set up to welcome guests initially. That’s why now has a special concierge service called This service includes a top quality housekeeping service that hosts can call on in order to give their guests hotel quality service.

Three Types of Quality Housekeeping Services

Look at this now, if you are thinking of every hosting on This unique concierge service includes three types of housekeeping services that hosts can utilize. The housekeeping service provides professional level housekeeping, so a host’s home will be sparkling clean before and after a guest arrives. The level of care these housekeepers provide is extraordinary. They clean every home with an incredible attention to detail, and the housekeeping manager follows a checklist to ensure that every aspect of the host’s home is clean and arranged to precise specifications.

Tending to the Linens

Another aspect of the housekeeping service is linen supply and changeover. This service ensures that all the host’s bed linens are thoroughly cleaned after each guest’s stay. The skillful housekeeping staff will ensure that the bed a guest stays in looks, feels and smells as clean and beautiful as a bed in any luxury hotel.

Restocking Supplies

Having the right supplies on hand for guests is another aspect of making a trip as welcoming and comfortable as can be for a weary traveler. The service also provides the restocking of special consumables after each guest has left. This ensures that new guests will be greeted with a fresh supply of bathroom necessities like hand soap, shampoo, conditioner, laundry soap, sponges, detergent and organic toilet paper. 

This special restocking service also provides for tasty consumables in the kitchen, like coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. All of these items will be presented in fresh and clean packaging, to give guests that welcome feel as soon as they enter the kitchen or bathroom. 

Hosting guests in a home is no small job, and hosts who take a special pride in the cleanliness and presentation of their home will love having professional help to guarantee that their home has a five star quality for every guest who comes to stay.