One of the biggest risks of putting your house on the market and giving in to the temptation to sell house for cash, is that you might have to spend a lot on upgrades and design changes.

But it does not have to be expensive or difficult. While most people would have to spend a lot of time with realtor’s, interior designers and handymen, you don’t have to do all that. This article will talk about the easy expert design hacks that anybody can do to make your house beautiful and a buyer ready.

Let’s Get Some Paint On

If you haven’t had a paint job in the last six months, chances are that your house does not look its best. Talk with your paint supplier and ask him for suggestions regarding colour palate for your external paint. The rule of thumb states that the background colour is usually a light colour and the accents or the foreground is a darker colour. For painting a room, you can choose a livelier background colour such as green, light blue or even purple. Remember, the target is a low budget and easy hacks, so no need to go overboard.

Add Some Mirrors

If placed strategically mirrors can work wonders for your house. It often creates the illusion of adding more room and making the room seem more spacious. In addition, your mirror does not have to be an average joe mirror. You can create a frame for your mirror at home as well. Go online and search for ‘how to make a mirror frame’ and you’re bound to hit at least 10 different easy to do designs. This will add a show-piece look to your room and also add space. A little savings goes a long way when you’re looking for sell house for cash.

Move out What’s Not Needed

If it’s not needed, it need not be in the house at the time of staging. Remember, less is more. Move out any and every clutter and try to be minimalistic. Fridge magnets, trophies, extra cushion covers, old magazines etc does not make your house more attractive. In addition, try to clean the countertops every day. It does not have to thorough but just a rough dusting will do.

Prune the Yard

An overgrown yard is not a beautiful sight for a prospective homeowner. A well-trimmed and pruned yard adds to the appeal of the property and helps make a good first impression. It doesn’t have to fancy, but try to cut the extra branches and leaves, mow the lawn and vacuum whatever left behind before you open your doors to buyers.

Free Up Some Space

People need to see that there is space in your home for them to entertain people and live with a family. So, think about freeing up some space. Couches, chairs, sectionals and duvets are all very nice but you might not need them all. Try to free up some space to make it appear open and airy.

Making your house seem beautiful does not have to be expensive. Simple design hacks such as these help a lot in creating an open, airy and a beautiful home. So, now you know exactly what you need to do to make your house buyer ready when you need to sell house for cash.