The field of real estate and construction is booming in the USA today. There are a large number of experienced and skilled professionals who are taking their time to give clients some of the best commercial infrastructural buildings in the nation. They are passionate about their work and ensure that the buildings are not only safe but appealing to look at when it comes to design and architecture.

A credible expert and professional who cares for his clients and vendors

Lloyd Claycomb is one such commercial construction and real estate expert that is well respected and loved in the USA. He is the founder of The United Builders Service Inc. in the nation. He is currently serving his Company as the CEO and the Chairman of the Board. The United Builders Service Inc. was established in 1978 and today it has operations in 12 states across the USA. His Company is a leading name when it comes to quality constructions in the field of healthcare, business, hotels, assisted living units, churches and more.

Building relationships and earning the trust of his clients

He is a man of integrity and says that when it comes to the commercial construction and real estate industry, it is essential for him and his team to build strong ties of relationship and trust with clients and vendors. He says that when it comes to projects, the Company till date has been able to complete more than 50,000 projects. His team consists of trained, certified and experienced professional experts who are equipped with the latest market trends and information. When it comes to the quality of work and attention to the client, the Company leaves no stone unturned. Every detail needs to be looked in with care he says. Project management is done with the highest levels of examination after the individual portfolio of the client has been taken into account.

The essence of communication in the commercial construction industry

As the nation is growing and expanding in the field of commercial construction, he is of the opinion that communication is a vital key in establishing good relationships with clients. He mentions that communication does not only imply vocal communication. All the professionals that are involved in the commercial construction projects of his company are active listeners as well. They gauge the expectations of their clients and ensure that projects are completed in time and on budget. There are challenges and obstacles that these professionals face however with their experience and skills they are taken care of with success.

Lloyd Claycomb says that relationships with clients is important however equally important is the relationships that the company builds with banking, insurance, key material suppliers and other bonding establishments. This is why the Company is successful today and considered to be one of the top-notch names when it comes to the field of commercial construction in the USA he says. Thanks to his business leadership and skills the company is one of the most esteemed and credible names in the field of commercial construction today!

Aside from being a husband, father of two grown children, and Grandfather, Lloyd Claycomb is also a current board member of Our Children International, Design Builders of Montana, and AviBree Real Estate Holdings, Inc